Music for Media

Just the Ticket    (TnG films, satire, 2022) Original Score) 

Sunrise Artists  (Pink and Blue Movie Documentary, 2020) Original Score)  Status: Completed

Tongs of Time (comedy short, 2020) Original score:  Status: Completed

Cepheus (Sci-Fi short, 2019)  Original score:  status:  completed

Shannon’s Southland Story (short Documentary for Prolifik, January 2017)  Original score:  Status:  Completed

Mr Blue (password’ “blue”) (short film, March 2016), original score, sound design Status: completed  

Above the Fruited Plain (Feature-length Film, 2014-16) Original score; IMDB; Status: Completed

Pink and Blue the movie (Feature-length Documentary film, October 2015), Original soundtrack:  Status: completed

Fira’s Game  (short film, October 2015)  Original Score/sound design; IMDB  Status:  completed

Confession (short Film, October 2015), Original score  Status:  Completed, winner 1st place 2015 Athens 24 film festival

Trick 3D Trailer-(animation trailer, 2014), original score, Status: Completed

Expect to win  (commercial for Pipeline Films, August 2015),  Original Score,  Status:  Completed.  

Odessa The Series (Web pilot, 2014-15 for Ethos Pictures) Original Score, Sound designer; IMDB;    Status: Completed

Odessa The Series (Promotional trailer 2015 ) original score,  Status: completed

Forked (Film, 2014-15)  Original Score, audio mix engineer, foley artist; status: Completed

NARAP  (commercial, 2015)  Original score, producer, script editor; Status:  Completed

Doing Time (Film, 2014) Original Score; status: completed

Magic Mirror Cleaner (commercial, 2014)  Original score, sound mixer; Status:  completed

Cool it (Movie, 2010) Licensed Tyco at the Gates; Status: completed

Plane Spotting (Documentary, 2005) Licensed Classical; Status: completed

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