Studio Gear


Cubase 7, VE Ensemble Pro Server, Wavelab 6,  Voxengo

Hardware: 2 steinberg 816x hardware interface; Universal Audio dsp card, LA2A, Pultec, Pultec Pro, real verb pro, LA3A, 1176LN, Akai mpk88  touch sensitive weighted keyboard, Genelec M040 monitors

Sound Libraries:

Albion, LA Scoring Strings 2.5 and legato sordino 2.5, Cine Voxos, Cine Brass Pro, Cine Winds Pro, Cine Epic Drums, Cine Piano Blue, Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate, Maschine 2, Vienna Ensemble Pro Orchestra, Aeon Melodic, Aeon Rhythmic, 8Dio libraries, SonicCouture, SoundIron, Spitfire, Omnisphere plus Bob Moog extension pack and many MORE plus my own custom made samples.


rode classic tube condensor, 2 earthworks M30 condensors, 6 SM 57’s, RE 20, 2 AKG 414’s, MXL 4000, AKG D112


Vintage wurlitzer, 2 1960’s round badge gretsch drums sets, various metals and african percussion, middle east and latin percussion


PC platform: Windows 7 64 bit quad core desktop networked to a windows 7 64 bit core i7 desktop computer. Resources are shared across the network. Beautiful, just plain beautiful!

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